*FREE* Website Strategy Consultation

Offer Valid: 06/28/2024 - 08/31/2024
Sharing our deep industry experience to help the community

1-hour Website Strategy Consultation
- Deep dive into your business and current online strategy.
- Our take on the future of the web for your business.
- Tips and tricks to improve your online presence,
- Email summary of ticks and tricks for you to take with you.

We should meet if you need help with:
- Web Design and Digital Strategy
- B2B Branding & positioning
- Creative Storytelling & Messaging
- Need to access our international creative network

FYI - There is no obligation to buy services from us. I am new (returning after 11 years) to the Cork business scene and I'm looking for a way to help members and build connections locally. I am putting aside 2-hours / week for this.

About me (Vincent):
I am the founder of Awescape, a Web Design agency specializing in immersive storytelling landing pages and Websites. I am also a director at Brandlucent, an award-winning branding agency built specifically for B2B Tech and Professional Service businesses helping them to develop an authentic and compelling brand that reflects the unique vision they have.

Why I'm doing this:
I have a wealth of experience in helping B2B business reinvigorate their brand and online presence. I am happy to share what I know to help our community. I want to build up my network locally and I believe sharing my knowledge is a key way to make connections and hopefully be top of mind for referrals within the community.

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