1 hour FREE Marketing Audit and Mentorship

Offer Valid: 07/01/2022 - 08/31/2022
Rebook your marketing for free

We offer 1 hour FREE Marketing Audit and Mentorship. Use Promo code CCSUMMER22

This session quickly give you the knowledge and confidence to market your business effectively. 

This session is one hour video call, 100% personalised to you and your business. You set the topic in advance and on the day I'll give you the necessary advice, training or information to ensure by the end of thespian, you are confident in that area of marketing.

  • Planning Content
  • Setting or raising your prices
  • A single Social Media Platform
  • One Campaign Planning

Please provide me the details you would like to cover during the call.

If you have questions or documents you would like me to review, please don't hesitate to send me an email to susana@bbcs.ie.

For a more accurate support, please complete this short questionnaire.

We guarantee there is not sales pitch or further commitment after the session.

This Member to Member Offer is promoted by Cork Chamber.