Action Zero



About Us

At ActionZero, our mission is in our name – we’re taking action to deliver our zero emissions future.

ActionZero was established in 2021 following the merger of two existing green energy companies: Energy Services and Straightline Energy Solutions. A power and energy consultancy, Energy Services brought more than 20 years of experience to ActionZero, having worked with blue-chip MNCs, Commercial Enterprises, Government and Public Bodies. Straightline Energy Solutions on the other hand, with a strong reputation for developing innovative green technologies, are the innovators behind ActionZero’s core product offering: the EscoPod high-temperature heat pump system.

The ActionZero EscoPod is a patented, high temperature heat pump technology designed to replace traditional heating systems with a high efficiency, fossil fuel free alternative. It has been designed specifically to deliver heating (and cooling) to businesses across a range of industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector, Meat, Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing.

The ActionZero EscoPod can help your business to:
• Eliminate Fossil Fuels & Carbon Emissions
• Produce multifunctional outputs that can be used for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water
• Reduce Energy Use & Costs by up to 70%

For more information on decarbonising your business today, visit or call +353 21 455 1326