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When it comes to teaching French, we know what we are talking about – and we have 76 years of experience to back it up!

Perhaps you are a beginner, considering various apps and weighing up your options for learning French. Or maybe you want to dust off your school French and make some progress. Or you may have reached an advanced level and wish to maintain it or develop it further.

We teach adults, children, Junior Cycle, Senior Cycle and College students. We offer General French, Conversation French, Business French and Exam-preparation classes.

Wherever you are at, whatever your objectives, look no further than Alliance Française de Cork!

With everything you need to learn and practise French all under the same roof, the choice is clear: put your success in our expert hands and let us support you through your language-learning journey.

Why French?
It is truly an international language - French is spoken on all five continents (300+ million speakers), it is the official or a co-official language in 29 countries, the 3rd most used language in business, and the 2nd most used language in diplomacy.
It will enhance your travel experiences - France is the most visited country on Earth. The greater the knowledge you have of the French language, the easier it will be to understand the country and its inhabitants on a deeper level. This goes for French-speaking countries outside of France too.


France, your closest EU neighbour
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