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Start or continue your journey into French with Alliance Française de Cork. Our online classes offer the same high-quality instruction as our onsite language classes.

We use Zoom for our live, face-to-face classes and Edmodo for sharing class resources.

Online classes provide an opportunity to learn, improve and practise your French from the safety and convenience of your home, without having to travel or to speak with a face covering on.

Enhance your jobs and business prospect overseas and immerse your team in a special designed learning programme!

Why your employees should learn French

• 300 million French speakers in the world
• 3rd most used language for business and trade purposes
• BREXIT increases the French commercial ventures in Ireland

Businesses which set up French classes for their employees are: gaining a competitive edge in Francophone markets; enhancing their business by understanding the culture and work étiquette of their target market; fostering team building and improving communication within the company.

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