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About Us

Alpha Automation & Controls provide Turnkey Industrial Automation Solutions and focuses on delivering business Process Control Systems & MES Systems for Pharma, Food & Beverages & Manufacturing Customers in Ireland & UK. With purpose built offices in Cork, our turnkey solutions range from Batch Control Systems to Control Panel Design, Control Panel and MCC manufacturing.
We focus on the delivery of smart & intelligent end to end industrial automation solutions using the world's leading industrial Automation technology partners including Rockwell, Siemens & Wonderware.

Alpha Automation specialise in upgrading Control Systems and Reducing down time during the upgrade. Together with Alpha Drives Ltd we manufacture the Control and MCC Panels. Each panel gets tested in advance of a customer witnessed FAT and delivery to site.
Our MES Solution can gather the real time from PLC's, SCADA Systems, Barcode Scanners, Vision Systems, Electronic Data Entry and Real Time information from the Production Control System.
We have a number of solutions that enable industrial IT infrastructure to prevent downtime and deliver the right level of availability. Our solutions range from fault tolerance to high availability, and disaster recovery for virtually any infrastructure. Thin Client architecture is influencing the future of plant floor IT strategies as it reduces maintenance and installation time, so ensures downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.
Our experience with contract maintenance and 24 hour online support has given us the expertise to help Reduce Annual Preventive Maintenance

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