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About Us

The Backwater Artists Group was established as an artist-led initiative in 1990 and has been a key fixture in Cork’s cultural landscape ever since. Positioned in the heart of the city. Our mission is to support and advocate for visual artists, enabling them to thrive at all stages of their careers. We provide vitally needed studio space and ensure that artists have access to excellent working conditions, exhibition opportunities and continuous professional development. We support both established and emerging artists and run an ambitious outreach programme, facilitating active networks of exchange with the wider community.

Our Studio 12 Gallery is a unique space for artists, operating as a site of experimentation and exhibition. Available to local, national and international artists at all points of their careers, Studio 12 operates as a public testing ground for new artworks and ideas. The space is programmed with the aim of engaging diverse publics and facilitating a thoughtful and flexible approach to exhibition making.

Our Backwater Artists Network (BAN) offers a shared city centre focal point and opportunities to connect for professional artists working in isolation from studios in their own homes or in single privately rented studios.


Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3 Sculpture
Tonnadh Fuaim an Tonnadh, Studio 12  Exhibition, Bríanna Ní Leanacháin
Backwater Members Exhibition, CLOSER at The Lavit Gallery
PAdraig Barrett, The Engineering of Consent, Marina Market
Design Pop Festival, Wandesford Quay
Design Pop Festival, Wandesford Quay
Cork Circus Factory at Wandesford Quay