Domino’s Pizza (Maano Foods Holdings Ltd)

Domino’s Pizza (Maano Foods Holdings Ltd)



About Us

Maano Foods Limited is a proud franchisee of Domino’s Pizza, the world's leading pizza delivery business. We operate in southern Ireland through our local stores in Munster. We’re passionate about delivering hot, great-tasting, freshly handcrafted pizzas as quickly as possible while also playing an active role in the local community.

We offer corporate clients 30% off our full menu prices, as well as, exclusive discount codes for your employees.*

Cork Stores:

Douglas Village (across from Aldi)
Blackpool (across from Shopping Centre)
Wilton (under Lidl)
Glanmire (Hazelwood Shopping Centre)

*T&Cs apply, minimum order value €100, see for more

Video Media


  • Corporate Packages 30% off €100
  • Discount Code for Employees


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