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Organizations have enormous quantities of documents scattered across file servers, cloud infrastructure and personal devices. Almost every organization will have files on their network and personal devices that can contain credit card numbers, healthcare information, personal identifiable information or other regulated content.

Unfortunately, most organizations have no idea what this data is and they’re creating significantly more data on a daily basis.When you couple this with the sharp rise in cybersecurity breaches and strict new reaulations such as the European Union’s GDPR you have a very challenging environment that’s putting severe pressure on organizations.

Getvisibility is using state of the art AI to classify and secure your documents and emails in real time. Getvisibility’s dual approach to data classification allows staff to manually classify documents as they arecreated with suggestions and automated checking,while the machine learning algorithms scan, categorise and classify legacy data. The Getvisibility solution also provides organisations with risk assessments regarding compliance, permission management, data quality and user activity. We combine this information into a centralised self teaching data protection platform with staff education and process improvement for evolving security improvement over time.


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