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About Us

Kabana Lifestyle is a family run business. We are a purveyor of quality, outdoor space / well-being products. We specialise in Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Saunas, Smart Cubes, Glamping Pods, Log Cabins, and Pergolas. We believe in creating spaces that bring people together. We provide space solutions and outdoor well-being products to both the private and commercial sector.


Our Iconic Swim Spas offer the best in relaxation, exercise, and wellbeing for all the family.
Hot Tubs are great places of connection. No phones, no screens, just you and your loved ones.
You're just one morning Swim away from the perfect day.
Our Kabana Cube is a great way to increase your home space.
We can create fully bespoke builds to suit your needs.
Our Office Cubes have proved very popular as the trends towards working from home continues.
We offer elegant, strong, iconic glass structures.
Our Pergola's come fully remote and can connect to the device of your choice.
We've worked with many organisations in the hospitality sector at increasing their seating capacity and creating iconic spaces.
Our all glass outdoor builds will become statement pieces and make your business stand out from the crowd.