About Us

At SocialBe we are passionate about People Skills Development. Educators at heart, we care about the continuous learning and development of people as they progress through their careers.

Our areas of expertise are :
*Unconscious Bias - we challenge thinking, provoke discussion, facilitate solution - focused brainstorming, equip people with actionable tools and strategies to improve the inclusivity, diversity, and equity of their working environments.
*Storytelling - a strategic business tool. 'Those who tell the stories rule the world'. Want to build trust? Be memorable? To inspire, motivate, change attitudes and behaviours? Move people to action? Develop your storytelling ability. We can show you how.
*Innovation - through design thinking and critical thinking. Learn to use the frameworks of design thinking and the principles of critical thinking to generate better ideas and design better solutions.

We create unique and thought-provoking content that focuses on practical learning, engagement and interaction.
Lively and engaging delivery - one of the highest compliments we received after a training session was '3 hours felt like 20 minutes'

''If you're always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be''


People skills development and training consultancy
Presentations, workshops, training programmes
Founder, Melissa Curley