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About Us

Specialisterne Ireland is a specialist consultancy for neurodivergent people (autistic people, those those on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, dyspraxia/DCD, dyslexia and similar neurodiversities), supporting them into employment. We match the skills and characteristics of these individuals with roles that will suit their unique ways of working, while also harnessing their particular strengths.

We help them find employers who will make the most of their abilities while appropriately accommodating their challenges.

We also help employers build teams with diverse abilities and varied ways of working to create a workplace that sees the world in a number of ways. We are a national organisation, partnering with local service providers and businesses to develop programmes that support long-term growth and the ongoing achievement of company goals.

We are dedicated to developing graduate roles for autistic people, and those with similar neurodivergence, working alongside employers to carve out space for these often- overlooked members of society. 

As part of the Specialisterne Foundation, we contribute to a global aim of one million jobs for autistic people. on the autism spectrum.

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