Cork Airport Requires Enhanced Support and Resources

Cork Chamber, the voice of business in Cork, is calling for greater focus and support for Cork Airport, critical to improving Cork's connectivity and attractiveness. 

"There is clearly a need for more focus on the growth of Cork airport and other regional airports, but there are also challenges in drawing airlines out of Dublin Airport. We are working closely with Cork Airport to develop and expand their routes and offerings to improve the Cork region’s international connectivity which is absolutely key to ensuring Cork is an attractive location for both international and domestic investment as well as tourism,” said Cork Chamber CEO, Conor Healy.

“There is always room for enhanced support of regional airport growth both by Government and also regarding Cork Airport by the DAA, and we continue to advocate for additional resources and incentives to enable Cork airport to expand their route offering and attract in new airlines.”

“It isn’t as simple as Cork versus Dublin, some airlines will simply not be interested in flying out of anywhere except a capital city like Dublin without significant incentivisation programmes. But Dublin’s growing dominance is certainly an issue and we need to see a concerted effort post-Covid to grow routes and traffic from Cork Airport and ensure that the supports and incentives are in place to ensure Cork’s offering is attractive enough to draw airlines and new routes to Cork.”

“There is certainly an opportunity now for airports like Cork to market more strongly the easier flying experience that they offer, but that needs to be supported by resources that can deliver an expanded route offering.”