Cork Chamber Calls on Cork Business Community to Support Refugees Arriving into Cork

The on-going Russian military attacks on Ukraine continue to affect millions every day. Each week hundreds of refugees arrive into Cork, most with little to no possessions as they escape the perils of war.

Cork Chamber has joined the Cork City Community Response Group, established by the Cork City Council, to assist and provide refugees with basic provisions and accommodation. We are urging all members of the Cork business community to support refugees arriving into Cork by donating to our GoFundMe page

Paula Cogan, President of Cork Chamber, commented, “An overwhelming 12.7 million people have fled their homes in the past two months. Already 27,000 refugees have arrived into Ireland since February, with hundreds coming into Cork weekly.”

“We cannot allow ourselves to become desensitised as this humanitarian crisis continues. I am appealing to all members of the Cork business community to support the hundreds of people arriving into Cork each week, most of whom have nothing but the clothes on their back, so that we may provide them with at least basic necessities to help them transition into Irish life.”

Ms Cogan continued “While there has been a wonderful outpouring of support, it is clear that more refugees are expected into Cork and further donations are needed. During a time of peril where our liberties are being threatened and thousands of innocents are being forcibly displaced, business leaders must lead.”

Donations can be made to the gofundme page online and all funds will be directed to refugees arriving from Ukraine