Cork Chamber Urges Morrison's Island Flood Defence and Public Realm Upgrade to Proceed at Pace

Cork Chamber welcomes the High Court judgement to uphold An Bord Pleanála’s permission, granted on June 17, 2020, to Cork City Council for remedial works to the quay walls, public realm improvements and flood defence works at Morrison’s Island.
Speaking following the decision, Paula Cogan President of Cork Chamber said:
“Today’s judgement is to be welcomed, meaning long overdue upgrades to the dilapidated and car-focussed Morrison’s Quay and Father Matthew Quay can now get underway. A south facing riverfront amenity can now be created on a part of the Lee that Cork has turned its back on for far too long."
"We recall the most recent large scale tidal flooding in the city in October 2020, and it is essential that the project moves ahead before this is repeated. From a flood defence perspective, the project will protect properties in the area from 70%-80% of tidal flooding which is an incredible benefit and investment in economic resilience.’’
‘’Throughout the pandemic, people-focussed infrastructure, climate and wellbeing have come ever more sharply into focus, and Cork has seen renewed urgency for citizen access to open public space and active mobility options. Proceeding at pace to future proof our city and realise the value of this grossly underutilised quayside to a pedestrian and cycle friendly format cannot be overstated. We must now move forward quickly to construction and positively enhance the experience of the city, and our reputation as a place that cares about urban space and progress.’’