Cork Chamber Welcomes BusConnects Network Redesign

Cork Chamber, the voice of business in Cork, welcomes the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) Bus Connects announcement today, detailing the Cork Metropolitan Area’s new and improved bus network, introducing a 53% increase in bus services across the city.

“This morning’s NTA announcement, which comes after significant public engagement, is most welcome and a critical component of realising plans in the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (CMATS) to generate a sustainable and accessible society,” commented Conor Healy, CEO Cork Chamber.

“While these plans are welcome, they are only one component of building Cork’s reputation as a sustainable, accessible and inclusive city region. To truly encourage the shift away from private car dependence, sustainable travel options for commuters and tourists must further be enabled.”

“The delivery of Cork’s eight suburban rail stations, the electrification of the rail network, strategically placed park and rides that provide access to the city centre and dedicating the light rail route to buses as an interim step, are all essential to supporting Cork’s designation to be climate-neutral by 2030 and facilitating our economic and population growth,” he continued.

“The provision of a well-connected and sustainable public transport network that allows citizens to have a real choice in how they travel will also be key to continuing to attract FDI and talent, flagged as a top concern by our 1,200 business members who employ 120,000 people across the region.”

“Cork Chamber looks forward to contributing to the NTA’s upcoming BusConnects 12 Sustainable Transport Corridors consultation process over the coming months.”

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