Fit for a new year – CAP 2023

Commenting on the latest iteration of the Climate Action Plan 2023 (CAP23), Cork Chamber, the voice of business in Cork welcomed the legally binding targets, increased ambition and an action-oriented approach which is essential to decarbonising industry and enterprise, reducing negative impacts on the environment and securing Ireland’s future competitiveness.

Referencing today’s publication, Conor Healy, CEO of Cork Chamber said “The CAP23 has been much anticipated and offers the opportunity to guide, incentivise and directly introduce the necessary system changes that will enable transformation to a low carbon economy. While we anticipate that more detail will be delivered in 2023, it is encouraging at this stage, to see a strong focus has been placed on powering our renewable energy sector. Increases in the targets of energy production from renewables across onshore wind, solar, and offshore wind targets is particularly welcome and offers a greater opportunity for Ireland to secure its energy independence. Of course, this will need to be supported by government and the reform of the planning system will also play a part in ensuring that Ireland is an attractive destination for investors in the renewable energy sector.”

“If Cork is to deliver on the goals of increasing public transport and active travel, then a focus must be placed on the feasible quick wins contained in Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (CMATS), in parallel with a determination to deliver wider scale projects on time. Reducing our car dependency is a priority now and this will not happen without the delivery of CMATS.”

Mr Healy continued “Climate action and the transition to a carbon neutral society is laden with possibility and can be a key enabler to Ireland’s economy, regional development and future competitiveness via renewable energy, transport, energy efficient housing and sustainable industrial development. However, achieving the targets set out in CAP23 will be a huge undertaking and will require a collective approach. Cork has a palpable opportunity to pilot and accelerate climate programmes and to put our city on the map as one of 100 climate-neutral and smart Europe can cities by 2030.  Cork Chamber and its network of 1200 member companies are ready to support and share in the realisation of this ambition.”

“We look forward to 2023 being a year of action. It is essential that the next steps taken by government support those looking to change Ireland for the better.”