Government must ensure joined up thinking to reach emissions targets

Cork Chamber, the voice of business in Cork, has welcomed government’s agreement on Sectoral Emissions Ceilings as a step in the right direction toward achieving Ireland’s legally binding economy-wide Carbon Budgets.
“The climate crisis is one of the defining challenges of our time. We must be unrelenting in our determination to change the trajectory of this crisis.’’ commented Conor Healy, CEO of Cork Chamber.
“If we are to achieve our goals of halving our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050 at the latest, every sector of our society and economy must work together.  We must harness our innate collective nature to ensure that our generation transforms how we care for our climate.”
Mr Healy continued: “The Emissions Ceilings set for each sector of the economy will pose many challenges. For our economy to thrive within these Ceilings, government will also need to deliver regulatory and infrastructural transformation. For example, the existing demand for renewables, for biomethane, for green hydrogen and renewable electricity is constrained by delay and deficits in supporting infrastructure – government must address these issues with urgency. The next Climate Action Plan must give more clarity and ensure that all sectors can practically deliver on its targets while also aligning with the economic ambitions set out in our National Development Plan.”
“As we approach Budget 2023, government has the opportunity to ensure there is joined up thinking by delivering cross-sector investment and supports to drive the transformation needed to achieve an overall 51% reduction by 2030.”