Make gifting more special with SERVE Solidarity Gifts

SERVE is an Irish charity in Cork, committed to sustainable development in the Global South.

We achieve this by working in partnership with locally led organisations to end poverty in marginalised communities through funding, volunteering, and advocacy. SERVE supports the Global Goals and all the work we do with our partners contributes towards achieving them. 

Solidarity Gifts directly assist the partners and communities we work with in southern Africa & Asia. There are gifts that support livelihoods, empower young people through skills training, support people living with disabilities and provide nutritional food to children.

Next time you look for meaningful gifts for friends, family, colleagues, staff or clients browse the SERVE Solidarity Gifts. These gifts are suitable for any occasion with little admin required on your part. You purchase the gifts and we post it out to them. And you can always contact us to make it even more personal.

When you choose to gift giving, you support the Global Goals, you've contributed to end poverty and you've expressed your solidarity in action.

Check SERVE Solidarity Gifts here - 
Solidarity Gifts | SERVE

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