Hire A Tech Apprentice Now

The ICT Associate Apprenticeship is the new national Tech Apprenticeship Programme responding to Ireland’s buoyant IT sector demand for more talent. Tech Apprenticeships offer your company the opportunity to diversify your intake and reach untapped tech talent. As more and more companies see Tech Apprenticeships as the key to addressing the skills gap, why not join the long list of companies accessing talent via the apprenticeship route.

FIT was appointed Coordinating Provider by the Apprenticeship Council for the delivery of Technology Apprenticeships and we are currently rolling out apprenticeship programmes in Software Development, Network Engineering & Cybersecurity.

As an employer there are so many benefits to onboarding an apprentice:
 What We do:

  • The sourcing

  • The screening

  • The training

  • The certifications

What You get:

  • High calibre candidates that are aptitude tested and pre-screened 

  • Government financed assistance - €4000 per apprentice

  • Essential talent to fill the existing skills gap in the industry

  • Candidates with the most current and up to date training

If your interested in finding out more about taking on a tech apprentice, please email viviennefarrell@fit.ie