N25 Corridor Carrigtwohill to Midleton Upgrade Paused, Damaging to Investment Potential and Business Confidence

Press Release
11th January 2022

N25 Corridor Carrigtwohill to Midleton Upgrade Paused
Damaging to Investment Potential and Business Confidence

A vital upgrade the N25 Carrigtwohill to Midleton dual carriageway has not been given funding by Government, despite having been progressed through planning by Cork County Council.
Speaking on  the issue, Cork Chamber CEO Conor Healy said,
“The current road infrastructure is old and unsafe with multiple junctions, poor visibility and caters to strategic employment areas in Midleton, Carrigtwohill, Little Island and the wider Cork Metropolitan Area. Currently the road condition renders the Ballyadam IDA site all but unusable and effectively pauses the potential for near-term major inward investment at that site.”
“In line with the immense progress being made on the Midleton to Cork cycleway, and the EU funded dual rail track upgrades to Midleton, there was an opportunity to create an exemplary multimodal transport corridor in the short to medium term but incredibly this is now indefinitely delayed.”
In conclusion Mr Healy said, “The significant multinational and indigenous businesses operating and investing on this corridor whether in the metropolitan area or wider southeast will take a dim view of this delay which appears to be at odds with the goals of Ireland 2040. Decisions such as this display a lack of joined up thinking and short termism and have significant knock on implications on investment, housing development, job growth and business confidence. Government needs to reverse this decision as a matter of urgency to allow the project to proceed as planned.”