Permission for 600-unit Cork City Housing Development Welcomed by Cork Chamber

Cork Chamber, the voice of business in Cork, has today welcomed the granting of planning permission for a 609-unit apartment and housing development at the old CMP site.
“This granting of planning permission is very positive and the ambition of Dairygold to develop this brownfield site has the potential to deliver much-needed housing within reach of the city centre” said Conor Healy, CEO of Cork Chamber
“With the supply of quality housing now at crisis level, government must remain highly focused on supporting commercial ambition to address the pent-up demand in our city region. The delivery of sustainable urban apartment developments is essential to meet demand for housing and to deliver objectives under the National Planning Framework, especially for compact development and densification of Ireland’s cities.
“While planning has been granted for a number of apartment developments across the city, they have not gone ahead because of issues around viability and affordability which remain unaddressed and unresolved,” said Mr Healy.
“The Croí Cónaithe Fund, part of the Housing for All strategy, has gone some way to addressing these challenges, but much much more needs to be done to address these urgent issues. Government must act now, and take significant steps to enable the private sector to deliver housing. If Ireland fails to deliver on its housing commitments, with Cork projected to grow rapidly to 2040, we will suffer as a city and lose out on investment and jobs to international competitors, who are stepping up and prioritising quality of life as key competitive advantage.”
“There is an opportunity for more joined up thinking and greater collaboration between public and private sector to address the housing needs of our community, and ensure timely delivery of the plans and ambitions that already exist.”