Tabor Group published its Annual Report for 2021

Tabor Group today published their 2021 Annual Report. The AGM, held at Tabor Fellowship addiction treatment centre was the first for the organisation’s new CEO Colette Kelleher, former Senator and Director of Cork Simon Community. The report highlights the charity’s impact on people seeking help and support with addiction. It also includes information on the financial and non-financial performance for the year and an update on their strategy and innovation during 2021. Hugh Tully, former Head of the Irish Naval Service, was appointed as the Chair of Tabor Group.

Despite the challenges in 2021, including Covid-19, Tabor Group continued to offer and expand their addiction treatment services to support those impacted, either directly or indirectly by addiction, and remained financially stable while doing so.
Demand for Tabor Group’s services continued to remain high in 2021. The organisation received over 1000 calls from people and loved ones living with addiction. Tabor Group’s treatment services supported over 330 people in 2021.

64% of Tabor Lodge’s clients cited alcohol as their main addiction, up 2% from 2020 numbers. A further 20% citing both alcohol and drugs as their main reasons for seeking help. Similarly, in Tabor Fellowship, 1 in 2 clients (51%) who attended treatment cited issues with both alcohol and drugs, and a further 27% citing alcohol and 20% citing drugs as their reason for seeking help.

Following extensive research, planning, and preparation, in 2020 Tabor Group introduced and completed their first full year of the new Integrated Recovery Programme at Tabor Fellowship in 2021. This 12-week programme is open to both women and men with complex needs including poly/cross-addiction, or a history of previous treatment and relapse, as well as challenges with coping and living skills.

Mick Devine, Clinical Director Tabor Group said “Our clients need many things but the core of what we offer begins with showing compassion and empathy so that hope, healing and recovery can begin. We are seeing increased demand for services. The expansion of our treatment programmes is allowing us to provide a tailored approach to individual needs.”

Hugh Tully (former Head of The Irish Naval Service) was appointed as Chair of the Board of Directors, succeeding Denis Healy who served as Chair from 2018. Following his appointment,
Mr. Tully commented “It is a huge privilege and responsibility to lead Tabor Group’s Board of Directors and I am eagerly anticipating the task ahead. I look forward to building on the strong leadership of my predecessor, Denis Healy and guiding the Organisation to meet the goals set out in their 10-year strategic plan.”

Together with Mr. Tully, Colette Kelleher, Tabor Group's new CEO, will lead Tabor Group forward into 2022 and beyond. Ms. Kelleher served as an independent Senator appointed by An Taoiseach between 2016 and 2020, where she was very active in analysing, developing policy and achieving consensus for legislative change across a range of issues including Drug Reform. Ms Kelleher has also been Chair of the Cork Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Society of Ireland and the Cope Foundation, as well as Director of Cork Simon Community.

Ms. Kelleher said “With so many people, seeking out support for addiction, it is a privilege to join the Tabor Group Team now, to offer hope and help for recovery. I look forward to working with Tabor Group’s board, staff, volunteers and many partners in responding to people.”

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About Tabor Group
Based in County Cork, Tabor Group is a leading addiction treatment centre in Ireland. It provides residential & community-based addiction treatment programmes to men and woman over 18 years of age, who are struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling.
Since 1989, Tabor Group has been providing support and care to hundreds of clients every year from all backgrounds and circumstances throughout Ireland. Tabor Group’s facilities comprises of two residential addiction treatment centres: Tabor Lodge at Belgooly, Cork and Tabor Fellowship at Spur Hill, Cork where we offer Primary Residential and Integrated Recovery Treatment Programmes. In addition to this, Tabor Group also provide community-based treatment programmes.
A dedicated Family Support Programme is available that offers practical support to families and loved ones living with addiction.
The treatment programmes at Tabor Group are client-focused, trauma informed, and adhere to National Protocols for Drug and Alcohol Services. A variety of treatment approaches are delivered including Person-Centered Counselling, Twelve Step Fellowship, Motivation Enhancement Therapy, Cognitive Counselling, and Mindfulness-based practices.
The treatment programmes are delivered in partnership with Health Service Executive and with all major Health Insurers. Tabor Group is accredited by CHKS and has achieved ISO 9001 certification.
Tabor Group offers Residential Treatment Programmes between 29 and 43 days in duration, with the option of transition to our secondary residential treatment programme. This primary residential treatment programme consists of comprehensive assessment, individualised care planning, group therapy, counselling, addiction education, meditation, and nature walks.
Tabor Group offers a 12-week integrated treatment programme with two phases suited to both men and women with complex needs, poly/cross-addiction, history of previous treatment & relapse, deficits in coping, and living skills.
Tabor Group offers confidential One-to-One and Group Counselling Services for those whose recovery needs are more moderate and for whom residential treatment programmes are not necessary or possible at the time.
Tabor Group’s Group Counselling includes evening and weekend group sessions. The programme is 12-weeks in duration and clients are referred onwards to a 52-week continuing care programme.
Our Family Support Programme is designed to help concerned persons of the individual with addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling. It has been our experience that when a family is affected by addiction, the entire family can benefit from support.
Our Family Support Programme includes education, one-to-one support, peer support groups, telephone support, intervention advice, and more. Our Family Support Programme is not just for the loved ones of individuals in treatment with Tabor Group, but support is also provided to good effect to families whose loved one opt not to take help with addiction treatment.
Tabor Group offers a Continuing Care Programme that provides ongoing treatment and support to clients that have completed residential treatment programmes and are learning to cope with the demands of day-to-day living.
We realise the support needed by clients in the early months of recovery after treatment is crucial to establishing an effective recovery from addiction. Our programme involves participation in a facilitated weekly group meeting & commitment to an individualised care plan over 12 months, with an option to continue this for a second year of support.