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About Us

Graffiti Theatre is a fully equipped theatre dedicated to creating high-quality arts experiences for and by young people. With over 37 years of experience, we bring theatre to children with a focus on disadvantaged schools, marginalised communities in Direct Provision Centres, the Traveller Visibility Group and those with disabilities, from our base in Blackpool, in the North of Cork City. Each year, we facilitate and enable over 10,000 encounters with the arts for children and young people from birth to 18 years. We are the only theatre in Ireland providing multidisciplinary arts encounters to those aged 0 to 3 and the only working theatre outside of Dublin dedicated to the performing arts for and by young people. Our work enables us to give a voice and agency to young people who are often disadvantaged and unheard, helping them to imagine a better world.

Video Media


'Of Bluebells & Butterflies,' interactive dance theatre performance for babies (0-12 months) and their adults.