Mercy University Hospital Cork's Emergency Department introduces “grippy socks” for enhanced fall prevention

In a move which prioritises patient safety and comfort, Mercy University Hospital Cork's Emergency Department is pleased to announce that anti-slip “grippy socks” have been funded by the Mercy University Hospital Foundation.

Slips, trips, and falls are a prevalent concern within the hospital environment, often resulting in injuries that can prolong recovery times and compromise patient well-being. In 2023 the Emergency Department at Mercy University Hospital saw a number of patient falls, but with the introduction of “grippy socks”, The Mercy aims to mitigate these risks. Designed with advanced grip technology, the new anti-slip socks will provide patients with secure footing on various surfaces throughout the Hospital.

The introduction of “grippy socks” underscores Mercy University Hospital Foundation’s commitment to support  innovation and person-centered care. By seeking out simple advancements that improve the patient experience, The Mercy provides world-class service in a world-class hospital.

Emma Murphy, Clinical Nurse Manager in the Emergency Department at Mercy University Hospital explained "We welcome the introduction of“grippy socks” as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance patient safety, and thank the Mercy University Hospital Foundation for funding this addition. The Emergency Department can be a bustling environment, and ensuring the stability of our patients is paramount. 

“By offering patients these socks, we aim to minimise the risk of accidents and enhance the overall experience for those under our care. Not only do they offer practical benefits, they also contribute to a sense of comfort and reassurance for our patients during what can be a stressful time."

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