Sprintmodo’s Team Managers Spotlight 2024 Report Reveals Key Strategies in Evolving Workplace Environments

Sprintmodo’s Team Managers Spotlight 2024 report sheds light on the critical role of team managers and the challenges they face. This study investigated the dynamics of what managers can do, to drive high team performance at work. The 232 participants for the survey (of which 88 were team members, and 144 were team managers) were recruited globally from various industries, and responses were analysed across various demographics.

 Key takeaways from the report

  • Managers face increased workload amidst rapid workplace changes – 55% of team managers cover for others, while 67% lose time on low-value tasks, affecting culture and productivity.
  • Divergent perspectives exist between team managers and members on performance and culture, with team managers rating performance as lower and culture as higher than their team members do.
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and job satisfaction levels vary across industries.
  • Time management is a significant challenge, with over a third of team members lacking sufficient time to complete tasks, and this number jumps to 44% for Irish teams.
  • Successful managers prioritise a dedication to high quality work.
  • Safeguard focus time and minimise disruptions like excessive meetings.
  • Prioritise collaborative support and learning initiatives, especially for newer team members.
  • Embrace adaptability and continuous improvement for sustained success.
As organisations evolve, the insights from the Team Managers Spotlight 2024 report serve as a compass for current and aspiring team managers. By leveraging these principles, team managers can drive high team performance in the ever-changing landscape of the world of work.

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