Addaptiv Design & Manufacturing Ltd.

Addaptiv Design & Manufacturing Ltd.



About Us

We are a Design & Manufacturing company, who specialise in Additive Manufacturing (more commonly known as 3D Printing). We use this technology to design & produce components on-demand. We transform inventories or spares, tooling, fixtures etc. to a digitized inventory. We also provide a full New Product Development process to get you from Idea to saleable product, using 3D Printing.

We use industry leading Design for Additive Manufacturing principles to create CAD models as well as 3D Scanning to help create your products. Our range of available materials in both Plastic & Metal offer end use quality components for whatever industry you are in.

Our On-Demand Manufacturing service allows you to get your products exactly when you need them, locally, to reduce your lead times, carbon footprint and supply chain risks.


Addaptiv Attending Ignite's 2022 Awards as part of their Investor Ready Alumni
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