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We are a catering company with our own range of Hannahs Kitchen products. We cater for parties - large and small - meetings, events etc. We also supply shops, schools, creches and offices with Hannahs Kitchen sandwiches and ready to heat dinners. In this current climate we’re all trying to be more conscientious about reducing single use plastic and waste in general. Food businesses in particular are a huge part of the problem when it comes to waste of single use plastics with all the packaging used.

To that end, here at Hannahs Kitchen we’ve decided to do our bit and be more environmentally friendly by using fully compostable packaging for drop off deliveries. This packaging is fully biodegrable in your compost bin and if you don’t have a compost bin in your workplace you can be assured that this packaging will breakdown in landfill in under 12 weeks as opposed to the 1,000 years it takes plastic to decompose!!!! Wow!!!!

This does mean that we’ve had to change our menus for the various items to work with the new packaging and of course there is a slight increase to cover the cost but I think you’ll agree that it’s definitely worth it. As we were changing the menus we’ve added in a few new bits.. check out the Pankcakes on our Breakfast menu!!! Yum!!! We are also offering clients who order on a regular basis the opportunity to use our reusable containers, sterling silver platters for hot and cold food. This means your business will have ZERO waste after getting a delivery from Hannahs Kitchen.