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About Us

WrxFlo, is a software solutions company that helps businesses bridge the gap in missing functionality, access and connect multiple data sources to help optimise the supply chain.

By listening to customers biggest challenges, the WrxFlo team build a tailored software developed solution for the client. This gives its customers access to all their data in real-time, and to help them to solve problems they are facing throughout their supply chain.

It does this by connecting their operations and management systems, building missing functionality through software development, and presenting visualised data in dashboards that are accessible anywhere in the world.

The company says replacing enterprise resource planning systems can be very costly and disruptive for businesses, and its product is designed to alleviate these needs.

it implements automated real-time time reporting of key metrics, material availability for orders as they drop to the factory, part shortages that need to be ordered by procurement, and the status of shop orders and parts needed to fulfil customer orders.

Our Solutions:

WrxFlo Procurement & Planning system
WrxFlo Warehouse Management
WrxFlo Digital (Paperless) Manufacturing
WrxFlo Machine Maintenance
WrxFlo Transport Management system
WrxFlo Financial management tracking
WrxFlo 3PL (Third party provider management)
WrxFlo Business Intelligence